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Sure, I already own a copy of Argo on BluRay, but what was I supposed to do when I saw this two disc version sitting on the shelf whilst I was out shopping, not buy it? Argo f#%k yourself!
PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN - sketchesbyspencer 

Opening up a can of worms wouldn’t be that bad. How much of a nuisance could a tin full of worms be? They’re slow and they don’t even bite or anything. I think it should be opening a can of mosquitoes or black widows or something instead. That would be bad.

"I am who I am."
I forgot to bring scissors with me down south and I’m too stingey to buy more, so I’ll be sporting the wild homeless-man beard for a few weeks.
Kensington Gardens

Look, I realise it’s Valentine’s Day but I wish the people next door would stop having sex so loud. I can barely hear myself masturbating.

It’s Her day for the UK! Although it’s Valentine’s day too so I’ll probably wait until the cinema isn’t full of happy couples sucking each other’s faces off.